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Deal Placement Services

Let us place your deals for you

Getting started with our
Deal Placement Service

Our Deal Placement service is here for when you need more than just packaging. 

We’ll find the best solution for your client, prepare it, and then submit it to the lender on your behalf. We have the contacts, expertise, and determination to complete the deal for you. We’ll work alongside you and the lender to secure your client their property finance with a stress-free application process. 

As we’re responsible for the advice given to your client, we will need to speak with them directly. Don’t worry; your client will remain your client throughout this deal and for any future transactions.

We can help with a wide range of complex property finance deals. Including:

Commercial Mortgages

  • Mixed-use properties
  • Retail, office, leisure & industrial sectors
  • Care homes & holiday lets
  • Short & complicated leases
  • Finance against bricks & mortar or goodwill value

Complex Buy to Let

  • SPVs, LLPs & Trading Limited Company applications
  • HMOs, Multi-Units and Flats above Commercial
  • Portfolios and large loans
  • Directors’ & inter-company loans
  • Related transactions
  • Landlords with multiple income streams & borrowing structures

Bridging & Property Development Finance

  • Ground-up developments
  • Conversions & refurbishment projects
  • 100% of build costs
  • Rolled-up interest
  • Auction purchases
  • Lower value refurbishments & builds (sub £500k)
  • Clients with limited experience

A step-by-step guide to the Deal Placement process

We know that your clients are your priority. Below, we’ve listed a guide to our deal placement process so that you can be confident that we’re securing your client the best deal possible:

  1. Once registered, you contact us with your enquiry 
  2. We review your client’s case and select a lender and finance option 
  3. We’ll send you indicative terms to review
  4. Once you’re happy, we’ll ask you to send them to your clients. 
  5. We’ll prepare a supporting proposal and submit your client’s fully completed mortgage application
  6. We manage the case through to completion

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