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Get clarity. Calculate your mortgage repayments.

Use our quick and easy-to-use calculator to see what your monthly mortgage repayments will be.

Quickly calculate your monthly mortgage repayments

Work out how much you’ll pay monthly with our free mortgage repayment calculator. Enter your loan amount, mortgage term, interest rate and repayment type (interest-only or capital and interest) for an immediate answer.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Enter a few details and get an indication of what your monthly mortgage repayments could be.

Frequently asked mortgage repayments questions…

What can I use the mortgage repayment calculator for?

You can use our mortgage repayment calculator to:

  • Check how much your monthly repayments might be
  • Check how interest rate or mortgage term length changes impact repayments
  • Check the difference between interest-only and capital repayments

What is a capital repayment mortgage?

Capital and interest mortgages, or capital repayment mortgages, are where you pay off both the capital amount you’ve borrowed and the interest accrued over the mortgage term.

What is an interest-only mortgage?

An interest-only mortgage is where you only pay the interest due on the amount you’ve borrowed (the capital). At the end of your agreed mortgage term, you’ll have to repay the capital amount, so you’ll need a plan for how to do that before you apply for an interest-only mortgage. Not all lenders allow interest-only mortgages, and those that do will have separate eligibility criteria.

Where can I check my current mortgage interest rate?

You’ll find your current mortgage interest rate details on your mortgage illustration and mortgage offer documentation.

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